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Genius on tea leaves hand picking

February 17, 2011
March 30, 2009, 10:34 pm
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Some days ago.. I was talking with some coleagues bout his previous lives as admin on tea plantation…

there are several thing that he told me

One of the thing that still caught in my memories is his story about a women that job is at tea leaves picking.

Most people only get about 20-25 kilos in each season when they are picking tea leaves (this is with measurable 60% of good condition leaves).

Some expert one could have up to 40 kilos of good tea leaves picking. But this worker is rare.

Yet… there is a girl.. still young at age twenties… could have about 75 to 80 kilos of good grade tea leaves in each season. She could identify and pick good leaves in amazing speed and efficiency. Something that her friend try to imitate but couldn’t.

It’s a gift.. he sez

A people with gift that born with certain affinity.

So.. that what makes that woman special. A genius expert at the leaves hand picking as this title sez.

That makes me think…

What is the purpose of that..

What is the purpose of genius at something that almost mean nothing?

Surely that woman get more pay raise than other because of her ability.

But still at an abysmal amount compare to medium worker at city.

So.. what is the point GOD creates something like that

That makes me wondering…


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